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Calosport Anti-Fog Cleaning Spray
25ml. Pack of 12.

Our anti-static, anti-fog lens cleaning spray is designed to reduce misting. Calosport will work as a great anti-fog spray for steamed up glasses and visors whilst wearing a face mask.

Stops glasses steaming up whilst wearing a face mask.
Effective for up to 12 hours.
Cleans off heavier dirt and grime.
Removes rain and fingerprint marks.
Antistatic formula minimises dirt attraction.
Ideal for use with paintball/skirmish activities.

Calosport deals with residue, grease, grime, marks and stains (which inevitably affect sight when using eyewear for sports activities) while remaining a safe cleaner for both the user and their eyewear.

Calocoat Spray 25ml.

Optical lens cleaning spray.

The Calocoat brand is perfect for coated and polycarbonate lenses.
Antistatic formula. For all coated lenses.
Use with Calotherm calocoth microfibre cloth,
the ultimate in lens cleaning technology.

22ml. Spray 12 per pack.

Calotherm Caloclear spray 25ml.
anti-static & anti-mist cleaning spray.

The world famous Calotherm Lens Solution comes in environmentally friendly spray containers which are not aerosols, but operate with a pump action. Caloclear Solution is
designed to provide an antistatic and antimist guard whilst thoroughly removing dirt and smears.

Available in 25ml. and 100ml. display packs.

The Calotherm spray range includes Caloclear, Caloclean and Calocoat. There is also a choice of product size, spanning 22ml to 5 litres to suit your application.

When used in conjunction with a Microfibre lens cloth the union creates an effective cleaning technique. Calotherm's cleaning sprays are not aerosols; instead they work with a pump action offering a safe alternative.

Microfibre Cloth

Calotherm's first grade cloth has super fine fibres with micron thin sides that, after high-density processing, leave an ideal microstructure able to remove fine dust and dirt, grease and water. Polyester and Nylon are skilfully knitted and shrunk giving the cloth tough friction resistance properties that prevents it from shredding. It contains no chemicals, making it a safe cloth suitable for multiple uses.

The Microfibre is the ultimate device for cleaning lenses, spectacles, sunglasses, cameras, compact discs,indows and jewellery.

"Unlike other cloths which we have laboratory tested, the Calotherm cloth actually removed grease and esidue… rather than merely pushing it around." - De Beers LV

Caloclean Solvent Free Lens Spray 25ml.

12 x 25ml CFC-free pump sprays.
Safe for use on all frame types including rimless
and nylon supra frames.

. Alcohol free
. Solvent free
. Antistatic formula
. Environmentally friendly

Display pack of 12 units.

Calotherm Calowipes 34’s

Clean and shine in one easy step.

Each retail pack contains 34 individually packaged wipes. RRP €3.99.

Ideal for cleaning all types of spectacles including coated lenses, screens and optical surfaces.
The ultimate lens cleaning technology in a convenient moist wipe. Recommended for plastic, polycarbonate and multicoated lenses.
Can also be used for cleaning sunglasses, goggles, computer/TV screens, cameras, keyboards and mobile phones. No streaks, haze or residue build-up. No harsh chemicals or abrasives.

Calotherm Impregnated Cotton Cloth

100% impregnated cotton cloth antistatic & antimist formula

cleans, polishes and demists

Available in Regular size 25 pack
Treble size 24 pack

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